Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Frequency Adverbs

Since we've learned a few verbs up to this point, I think it's good to review frequency adverbs. If you don't remember, adverbs describe verbs. We'll cover frequency, as in how often you do something.

たいてい (taitei) usually
ちょっと (chotto) a little
ときどき (tokidoki) sometimes
よく (yoku) often
あまり (amari) not much
ぜんぜん (zenzen) not at all; never

わたしはときどきがっこうにいきます。 (watashi wa tokidoki gakkou ni ikimasu)
Sometimes, I go to school.

わたしはよくケーキをたべます。 (watashi wa KEEKI wo yoku tabemasu)
I often eat cake.

For the adverbs あまり and ぜんぜん, the verb they are describing HAS to be negative.

せんせいはあまりテレビをみません。 (sensei wa amari TEREBI wo mimasen)
The teacher doesn't really watch television.

ともだちはしゅくだいをぜんぜんません。 (tomodachi wa shukudai wo zenzen shimasen)
My friend never does homework.

Just keep in mind that all positive adverbs describe a positive frequency of doing things and will be affirmative (ます), and the negative adverbs make verbs negative (ません) because they are describing how you don't really perform the verb.

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