Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reviewing Katakana

Hopefully you've memorized some Katakana by now. What next? Before we move on, it's time for a pop quiz. They're not fun, but it'll test you on how much you've been practicing.

Highlight with a mouse to see your answer.

オレンジ     オ(o) レ(re) ン(n) ジ(ji)                               orange
パーティー    パ(pa) ー(a) ティ(ti) ー(i)                            party
マクドナルド  (ma) ク(ku) ド(do) ナ(na) ル(ru) ド(do)   McDonalds
ハンバーガー  (ha) ン(n) バ(ba) ー(a) ガ(ga) ー(a)       hamburger
アメリカ      (a) メ(me) リ(ri) カ(ka)                           America
コーラ      (ko) ー(o) ラ(ra)                                    cola
シャツ       ャ(shya) ツ(tsu)                                      shirt
イヤリング    (i) ヤ(ya) リ(ri) ン(n) グ(gu)                   earring
カップル      (ka) ップ(ppu) (small tsu!) ル(ru)           couple
ホチキス      (ho) チ(chi) キ(ki) ス(su)                       stapler

So how did you do? Hopefully you did well. Keep practicing and keep in mind that you'll always have to sharpen and improve your Hiragana and Katakana no matter how skilled you become.

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