Monday, September 17, 2012

Reviewing Hiragana

Hopefully you've been studying your Hiragana and have began memorizing the characters! Before we move onto Katakana though, it's always important to review what you've learned so far. I'll write some simple words and see if you can try and read them. Highlight the black lines for the answer. がんばって!

Bonus Points! Try to pronounce it correctly and read it out loud!

うち        (u) (chi)                            house
いぬ        (i) (nu)                              dog
あかい      (a) (ka) (i)                    red
たべもの    (ta) (be) (mo) (no)    food
はしる      (ha) (shi) (ru)                to run
おおきい    (o) (o) (ki) (i)            big
つなみ      (tsu) (na) (mi)               tidal wave
たこやき    (ta) (ko) (ya) (ki)      octopus dumplings
きっぷ      (ki) っぷ(ppu) (small tsu!)   ticket
わたし      (wa) (ta) (shi)               I; me

How well did you do? If you got them all correct, great! It never hurts to keep practicing Hiragana even if you can already read it because you can improve your reading speed. And trust me, reading speed is very important when learning a new language!

Anyways, this is all for now. Be ready for Katakana next time!

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